Swedens foremost nature photographers


The Swedish Association for Nature Photographers has promoted ethical photography and a committment to conservation since 1966.

A considerate approach to photography is the foundation for true images of our nature.

Dedication to natures subjects unites Swedens foremost nature photographers in one organisation.

Members earn the right to sign /N after their name. /N is a mark of quality, but also a large responsibility.

Welcome to Naturfotograferna - the Swedish Association for Nature Photographers

Naturfotograferna - the Swedish Association for Nature Photographers was founded in 1966 as a reaction to faked and unethical images of nature that were frequently published in magazines and books at the time. An example of this was the use of stuffed and tame birds in images intended to portray living wild birds.

Today the focus on ethical nature photography has shifted from stuffed birds to digital manipulation. A whole new world of opportunities and pitfalls has opened up for photographers wishing to take short-cuts to top images. The Swedish Association for Nature Photographers has ethical photography at the top of it´s agenda, together with a committment to the conservation of the species and habitats around us. With high ethical standards and transparency in our methods we strive to set good examples for all nature photographers.

Our ethical standards are currently subject to revision and will be presented in early 2012.

At present we have 122 members, a few of whom helped found the organisation in 1966. New members are elected once a year, after a thorough application procedure. Our members are mostly based in Sweden and many are professional or semi-professional photographers. Although Swedish nature is a natural field of work for most of us, we have members that operate all over the world.

In our galleries (länk: http://www.naturfotograferna.se/bilderna)  you can browse a selection of our members top images.

Our members (länk: http://www.naturfotograferna.se/fotograferna) personal presentations (in Swedish only) also provide links to members own websites as well as brief portfolios of members images.

If you have questions about our organisation, please contact us at Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. .