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Nature photographer and writer 
Director of Wild Wonders of Europe

Magnus Lundgren is a nature photographer and writer with a great passion for the aquatic world. He says, “More than 70 percent of our planet is covered with water all in need of more conservation communication. And If I also include all the spectacular coastlines of the seas, lakes and rivers the multitude of environments and inhabitants grow endless proportions.”

Magnus studied and worked in the field of logistics but retired from this field to pursue a new career as an environmental nature photographer and writer. And have now been doing so since two decades. He says, “Today there are some topics that are more urgent than others like for example the sharks, tuna and cod stocks situation, illegal fisheries and sometimes contra-productive legislations and quotas spreading like plagues and the relationship between humans and aquatic world needs to be revalued and in many ways reconstructed. I strongly believe that environmental photojournalism is one way to influence the general opinion as well a the political level of our society.”

Since 15 years Magnus has earned great experience leading, planning and executing expeditions to the world most interesting aquatic realms. From the frozen seas to the coral gardens of Raja Ampat. His experience has made him a skilled assignment photographer bringing back unique stories and images from close by and far away.

Magnus work has been published world wide and his images have received many awards in the world’s most prestigious photography competitions. Recently he was awarded European Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the “Underwater” category and earned a second place in “Mammals” category.

Magnus writes on the Wild Wonders site – “Well, let’s try to keep it short…my underwater obsession started with a whispering broken voice in our family TV-set. Jacques-Yves Cousteau came straight through the screen with his boyish curiosity and “let’s go and have a look” message. I was very young and I was very hooked. Jaques-Yves was a great man and a great inspiration!

Inspiration is the key. Mother nature always brings some sort of rugged unsentimental truth to me. She inspires and makes me just plain happy. I am convinced that Wild Wonders of Europe will inspire a great crowd exposing the fantastic European wildlife we all need to support and protect.”

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