Landskap: Uppland
Ort: (Stockholm) Kallhäll, Järfälla
Invalsår: 2006
Skype: swidstrand
Twitter: Swidstrand

Independent Photographer and Writer 
Managing Director of 
Wild Wonders of Europe

Staffan Widstrand is a full time independent professional photographer, writer and activist since 1990. In 2010 Staffan was appointed one of the "40 most influential nature photographers in the World" by Outdoor Photography magazine. –"I am quite a generalist when it comes to photography, but tend to be rather leaning towards the reportage and storytelling styles. I really like photographing people and our relation to nature all around the world, but I do also have a soft spot for wildlife and especially for birds and large mammals. Especially those with hooked bills and sharp teeth. I am more often chasing the story rather than the single image, and I have chosen to work with long, multi-year projects that I start and run together with carefully selected great colleagues". He is also the winner of a number of international photography and book prizes and awards, the author of 15 books, a founder of the Swedish Ecotourism Association, a founder of its quality label ”Nature’s Best”, of the carnivore info project "The Big Five/De 5 Stora", of the Swedish National Carnivore information centre ”The Big Five”, of the ”ILCP-International League of Conservation Photographers”, of the conservation communication initiative ”Wild Wonders of Europe” and of the pioneering ”Rewilding Europe” conservation initiative. He is a board member of the Swedish Polar Club. He is a frequent lecturer and presenter in front of a wide array of audiences (so far in over 25 countries), and is often invited as a judge for photo competitions. Staffan has his images with the following agencies: Corbis, Nature Picture Library and Johnér/Naturbild. He speaks Scandinavian languages and English, French, German and Spanish, but can communicate also in Portuguese and Italian and with some understanding also of Russian, Greek and Swahili. He also has a background as a nature tour production manager, a nature tour leader, a book publishing picture editor and a tank officer.


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